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Since the first days of writing her, Makua O'o has gone through many facelifts. At first this blog was a place for me to journal life being remade after great loss. I used a foundation, the 9 Basic Tools of Makua O'o and slowly and humbly began what I have come to understand as the process of Papaku makawalu. Like everything alive, my husband and I at nearly 60 years of age were starting anew. We would need to believe in something of substance and unfurl from there. We have done that, and continue doing it.

From time to time I will shut down this blog and reassess the journey taken thus far. Re-defining myself, my relationships with myself, my family, my kuleana (my responsibilities, my labor). Hawaiians say we must check to see if all is pono in harmony with the whole. Periodic doses of drawing within and asking for guidance. Those who have visited or stayed to read Makua O'o over the years know that I do this. Perhaps they wonder why I do it? One of the 9 tools of a makua o'o is 'practice good health practices'. Shutting down, cleaning up and drawing in are examples of that practice.

The New Year (Hawaiian) has begun. The Pleiades were spotted at sunset, and the Hilo Moon to follow marks the new year. Makahiki Hou! The posts here on Makua o'o have been sporadic, but, the writing continues in other places. Many medicine stories have filled the cyberpages this year, I applied for my first grant as a Native Artist, and will hear of my efforts within the next few weeks. I've changed the masthead for this blog ... a water's edge photo of one of my favorite muliwai (estuary) and cleaned up a few of the links on the sidebar. Astrology wise the teacher planet, Saturn, has moved into his 2.5 year stay in fire-sign Sagittarius so the change is stirring things up in all sorts of ways. Cleaning house, and clearing attitudes is part of my list. Making room for reasons to be grateful. 

The most recent hiatus from blogging has given me a chance to pay attention to my physical health. I am grateful to my husband and my Ancestors for their love and care as I make necessary changes and listen to the dreams that come with directions.

There are several changes to what Makua o'o looks at this point:

The Homepage image is that of Pacific Northwest ferns. They surround us and this year especially are bombastic in their reach nearly shoulder height and oh so beautiful. It's significant, I feel, to use an image of the place where I am today. The fern is of this place. I am here I live with these fern and they teach me the protocol, the Nature of this space.

New Pages run across the Homepage and give you a different view of who and what I do here. The 'oli E HO MAI written by Aunty Edith Kanakaole lays the foundation for this blog wherein it asks for the wisdom to know what is important ... to you, to me, to us individually. From that 'oli the pages unfold my writing, both old favorites and new work in the making expanding storytelling to include myth-making and writing fiction. Link to them and I hope there's something fun or inspiring for you to discover.

Sidebar content has been edited and cleaned up without getting too clean in the process.

Mahalo niu loa kakou thanks to all of you for coming to read. We are all elders in training. So many ways to get there from here. This blog evolves as I evolve. I share it because it brings me joy. When it stops being joyful I reassess.

Enjoy the journey and thank you for coming to my blog Makua O'o!


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