Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ana ... count Hulu ... by ten

It's a big deal to learn another way of counting.  Barely do I remember the days of memorizing the multiplication tables, but as I pull the words through my fingertips, I see the large white Flash Cards with big dark numbers and feel an ancient sense of wonder at learning something I didn't know before.  In that same vein of wonder the months of study and teaching the Anahulu has cultivated that wondrous sense that it is never too late to learn/remember/grow a new tail.

Kaulana Mahina is a calendar that counts in 10.  By her reckoning the moon's time, allows the phases of time to pass with connectivity. Today and tonight the last of four po (phases) of KU end the times of upright nature.  Led into its KU times by the Hoaka moon (the crescent) all things living pull into the upright.  Ku rounds into the 'Ole Moons tomorrow, giving time for reflection and weeding the progress the garden, your garden.  I was just out watering my carrots, collards, cabbage, beans, lettuce and 10-foot tall peas.  It's the first garden I have planted in a long time. The record-breaking height of the peas astonishes and delights me. We have pictures to celebrate the cultivation.  I water, string and support the ever climbing pea vines talking to them ever step of the way.

Tomorrow when 'Ole draws me into looking at weeding the stagnated parts of my garden I will look closely at the corners of my thinking that might need refreshing; brighten and commend the seeds growing vibrantly as a new tale(tail) of my mo'olelo seeks a way into my garden, my life.  Refreshed with poi cocktails and family, I appreciate the journey and laugh. I have laundry to finish, filtered water to fill into jars:  that's part of the good news.

Ku on.  'Ole tomorrow.


  1. Mokihana! How lovely to stumble upon the lovely place you have made here! It's good to find you seeming so well and enjoying life in your wise ways. I love the very beautiful strangeness of your mythology and although some of it is difficult, you tell it in a way that is easy to understand, Many thanks and blessings to you and Pete ( Happy Birthday!) Be well!

  2. Morvah, Thank you. Mythology is, I believe, very beautiful and strange at the same time causing a shift and often an opening. Like birthing perhaps.



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