Monday, June 30, 2014

Growing the rituals of elderhood

Dear Friends and Readers,
Summer 2014 is here, and I have lit a new fire -- a sacred candle-- to draw the inspiration up and out into the world. In the coming weeks, starting mid-July,  I will be working my way through the elder work written by Angeles Arrien called The Second Half of Life Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom. My motivation stems from the recent passing of my brother David. He was 64 years old, my only brother, a rascal-trickster, Vietnam vet, and a man born, and passed to spirit, on a Full Moon. The weeks leading up to his physical death and the weeks that led up to his burial and day of his life celebration have been, and are, a time of deep initiation for me. 

Angeles Arrien who herself passed shortly before my brother has said we, as a culture, are not very skilled at maintaining interest or attention, especially when life/things get hard. Even less skilled and practiced, our culture does not recognize the signs and rituals of initiation and practice of closings/endings/death. It is that insight that prods me to become more aware of rites of passage, and the second half of life's gifts. 

The Eight Gates of Wisdom described by Angeles Arrien include:

  • The Silver Gate "Facing New Experiences and the Unknown"
  • The White Picket Gate "Changing Identities, Discovering One's True Face"
  • The Clay Gate "Intimacy, Sensuality, and Sexuality"
  • The Black and White Gate "Relationships: The Crucible of Love, Generosity, Betrayal, and Forgiveness"
  • The Rustic Gate "Creativity, Service, and Generativity"
  • The Bone Gate "Authenticity, Character, and Wisdom"
  • The Natural Gate "The Presence of Grace: Happiness, Satisfaction, and Peace"
  • The Gold Gate "Nonattachment, Surrender, and Letting Go"

I have not set a structured agenda for the work and discoveries that will come from this study, and practice. With this announcement, and your interest, a mutually agreed upon process will be encouraged.  I feel called to do the threshing work at each of these eight gates and grow my understanding of rituals and practices as makua o'o.  As a beginning time-frame we might consider an eight-week commitment, beginning July 14th, 2014? Your input will be welcome.

I would like to invite you to join me, and work with me, or study independently sharing what comes for you at your pace and rhythm. The book The Second Half of Life is written clearly and in what I have come to see as Angeles Arrien's "mystical work with practical feet" style. Included at the end of each chapter there are questions and reflections to answer,sense and practice. Integration is vital in soul work grounded in doing the footwork. These questions and reflections will serve as the foundation for the exploration and study, but will not be limited to them, as magic will not be contained we will welcome the unexpected and leave an empty chair for it!

If you are at a point where the second half of life holds unanswered questions for you, or maybe you have discoveries and adventures you'd like affirmed, I hope some of you will join me at this new form of pumping inspiration up and out into the world. FYI I purchased my copy of The Second Half of Life from Sounds True. Here's the link if you'd like to read about the book, and get purchase information.

The study and sharing time will be free of charge. The group will be a private study space where our discoveries are shared in respectful and sacred space. We will experience the intiations and the guidance at the same time, maturing and discovering where we are individually as makua o'o. If you are interested in joining me email me at for more information. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Uranus-Mars-Pluto: Rebellious Change in Old Age

The outer planets (Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter) travel the sky in orbit around Earth in slower lanes with longer lasting affect on each and every one of us (collective energy). The personal planets, the ones closer to Earth (Mercury, Venus, Mars) move more quickly, but have a markedly personal effect on us individually. Uranus squares Pluto in a transit to my 3rd House (Communication and Siblings/Neighbors) and 12th House (Deep emotions, secrets). Uranus is also in a long square transit with my Ascendent (The way one appears). It is possible I could make a rebellious change to the way I communicate, and appear to others. My astrologer gave two bits of advice, and two seemingly different stories, to describe how one could handle personally acting out (Mars) in rebellion (Uranus). In Elsa's Newsletter, "this is going to be my new picture. If you don't like it, the unsub link is at the bottom of this mail. USE IT. As for the astrology, Uranus is opposing Mars, exact today. Consider this to be my rebellious challenge.  You may be staging one yourself!" Elsa's photo? Frankenstein. I wrote back to my astrologer and said I could relate too closely, and sent her the photo of the elder Annie Oakley pictured above as the one I would like to use. Will I? In response to that question I read, and commented on Elsa's second bit of advice, in her post today. "I have conjunct Saturn-Mars, and Pluto in Leo. I suppose all that Capricorn, plus a Capricorn Moon has tamped down (most) of the outrageous activity in my life. Has it all been for my best good? I wonder sometimes whether that outrage must sometime surface anyway! I suggested, in response to Elsa’s Newsletter today, that my updated avatar would be Old Annie Oakley … gray, cool, smilin’ and tottin’ her rifle!"

I was drawn into a neighborhood circus that could easily turn me into a gun tott'n Old Annie Oakley. But as my husband said on his way out, "Now you see what I've been faced with ... for a long time. You could go on and on. And get more pissed about it. I just let it go, and talk to you about it." So I took the bait, get involved as Agent of Change, only to experience the neighborhood circus. I do have LOTS of Saturn and Capricorn, and if, and when, I do cross the line, the reputation and my karma demand a lot from me. It's really not worth the price for the power struggle. I was advised many years ago to keep no fire arms in my home, or in my hands. It's advise I heed, but, I something I DO feel Annie's rifle.

So what's an Old Annie Oakley Wannabe to do? Write stories, thresh about at the Gates and put that gun down!

Are you staging a personal rebellion today? Here's what I did.

Inspired to free myself up, I watched this DIY Short Hair Bob Cut, and LIGHTENED UP! I feel great.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The threshing work: when one opens the gates of initiation

The ritual work and daily initiations that are what the makua o'o practices become more fully felt thanks to the guidance of unexpected strangers, and teachers. I have written more about that here, where the Eight Gates of Wisdom await.  Are there others of you who are doing the threshold work?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

When less is more ... Pluto transits (my) 12th House

"Pluto strips away things you don’t need…boils it all down to what is essential." - Elsa Panizzon

The longest day and the most light has come to the northern hemisphere; the time of light is big. Traditional People have long known the Summer Solstice (yesterday) is a great time for ceremony. Ceremony marks an event. We walked down the hill and through the woods to join our neighbors for a Solstice last night, shared food, talked of dis and dat, and I met a new person. But, in the main, my energy has turned even more internal as Pluto transits my 12th House (death and endings) and is in close proximity (conjuncts) to my natal moon  My emotions are deep, and burdensome. When I do communicate (write or talk) it's about deep stuff, and the period of mourning for my brother adds to the heft of the journey.

A little goes a long way. I don't need a lot of extra but what I do need must be authentic, deeply relevant, and supportive. Give or get out of my way! A little piece of delicious pound cake, PLEASE!
The Plutonic energy lasts through 2015, there is little ease about it. My son and I have created, and sent through the mail, a eulogy and commemoration for my brother. It was a collaboration of depth compressed (Plutonic) onto a DVD with small cards stuck with safety pins. The sentiment recorded into digital bits and the symbolism of safety pins is an offering of all that is good.

Yesterday while out thinking I would shop for coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate (yum) I discovered the macaroon-makers took the day off. Oh no ... I know, what a disappointment. Fate had other things in mind. There's a wonderful garden center near the Saturday Farmer's Market, so I took myself there when I found my lust for chocolate and coconut would be unsatisfied. There I found a purple flowering bush that I have not seen since my brother and I were little kids growing up on O'ahu in Hawaii. The purple hibiscus grew in a time when we were younger. In the used to be times. Rather than a bag (or two)  of four confectionery I purchased a large Rose of Sharon to remember the 'used to be times.' My Pluto in the 12th House of Capricorn was deeply touched. My emotions were high. Others didn't see, nor understand the heavy import of that purchase, and there were clashes, small and large, over the Rose of Sharon. Residual damage remains. Pluto strikes deep and differently for everyone. I don't know how all this Pluto action will turn out, but I do have a pot of purple hibiscus and no chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.

What is less? What is more? Satori had something to answer this ... it's about being in the groove. She squeezed a lot of good out of the sky (astrology) and made me smile. She can do that, bless her!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius, tonight, June 12, 2014

"Go home and re-dream our lives again." - Angeles Arrien
Tonight, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is closely aligned with Chiron. Read one more 'Grateful Today' post on The Safety Pin Cafe. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio, June 12, 2014

"The Taurus-Scorpio opposition is exactly where my North-South Nodal Axis sits natally. It’s a powerful time for me as I grieve my brother’s death, write and record his eulogy, and experience what comes when one weighs up a lifetime of knowing, loving and losing. What counts? In the end … it is all about how well I have learned to love, and be loved.-my comment on Elsa Elsa's blog post  Venus Opposing Saturn, tomorrow, June 12, 2014

How did the Logitech USB Headset H390 bridge technology, astrology and a path with heart during the time of Venus in Taurus opposing Saturn in Scorpio? Read about it here.