Friday, August 21, 2009

STARRY, STARRY NIGHT: Know that wisdom is found in many places … SOFTEN THE GROUND OF YOUR BEING

As I lay there in the dark, gazing at the starry starry night immersed in soul-stirring music, I started a journey of recovery from a serious illness. And realized that the stars, be they out there or in here; are all part of me. They are me...

I come less frequently to this place on the page, this blog "Makua O`o" but am probably more connected to the wisdom of the cosmic connections than at any time in my near 62 years. Cosmic art: Astrology and Akashic Record Readings, life on the Ledge in the Woods in the VardoForTwo, and the recent passing of the other Mokihana have softened me up.

ing to make sense of the changes that take place with me means I 'search' for the meaning and look for answers deep and wide. My o'o ... the digging sticks get heavy use, they break from use and then as I write this I remember that I have left my stick covered in the back of the car for weeks now. Then, the wind came yesterday and stirred things up. A south blowing wind brought the stories of distant places, the energy of things/people/places in between. The barometic pressure rose sky high and the ions energized this place on the ledge. Last night, or probably very early in the morning, the winds must have moved on ... perhaps to the eastern part of the continent to join the winds mounting forces as "Hurricane Bill"? Out of a deep sleep I felt the shift. It's part of the package that comes from being multiple chemical sensitive; I feel things accutely. Like the kitty I notice the winds coming, and when they pull out so does my energy.

The quote that opens this post is from the emagazine WellnessOptions. I starting searching for an article I remembered reading that described the 'science' behind emotional shifts triggered by barometic pressure. I found that article at Wellness Options and read through it. My brain fed on the information ... satisfied with the reasoning, I turned to another tab on the page and found an Editorial entitled "Starry, starry night ..." This is what makes the internet such a farmer's market for me. The food that feeds my curious nature can find what is needed if I am open to discover it.

The Ledge in the Woods where we live today is a haven of darkness at night. A couple human generated lights cast the artificial glow into the night sky, and yet with small effect we are able to view and expose our whole selves to the magic of connectedness to STAR DUST. I grew up on Oahu in the Hawaiian Island archipelago at a time when roads were coral chunks and dirt. The street lights were few, and one car traveling the valley road echoed against the Kuliouou valley walls. If we chose to we could be with stars at night. Life there has changed as it has changed across the Earth. Stimulation of every manner turns all beings to a near steady on-position, deep dark sleep becomes a rarity and in the process we age more quickly ... restoration and rejuvenation not possible without darkness.

A strange, frightening experiment is taking place in Seattle, Wa. neighborhoods. The city has begun replacing the old street lights with high-efficiency LED bulbs. There's a very real price we pay for the cost of efficacy and this street light example is one more worth knowing about. Here's a clip from the the article, "Kill the lights," in Seattle's Stranger Newspaper . Read the whole article if it peaks your interest in the value of a good night's sleep and a body that knows it needs star light not 'blue LED':

The problem with the new lights isn't just aesthetic. According to Dr. David Avery—a professor of behavioral sciences and light therapy at the University of Washington and the region's leading researcher on the impact of light on human chemistry—the LED lights could interfere with human biorhythms. Certain photoreceptors in the eye's retina react to cooler colors of the light spectrum, sending a signal to the brain that the sun is up. When humans see the blue light, our bodies think it's daytime. "The sensitivity to these cells for the blue and greenish color makes perfect sense, because the sky is blue. So for millions of years, life has evolved with this 24-hour rhythm of blue light being very prominent for part of the day and then darkness," he says. "This is kind of a conductor of a circadian symphony in the brain and body."

According to Avery, "Theoretically, if someone has one of these LEDs or a blue light outside their window, it could fool the eyes and the brain into thinking that the sun is still up, so the melatonin hormone might not rise normally and sleep might be disrupted." Incandescent lights, the standard bulb in homes, are on the red end of the spectrum. (You may think of them as being white, but they're not.) Shifting the city's primary outdoor lighting to blue-hued LEDS, Avery adds, "would be a major change in terms of our environment." Studies suggest that people exposed to daylight at the wrong hours, like those who work night shift, have more health problems such as high blood pressure and obesity, Avery says.


  1. Moki, you speak to my heart. I do believe we are kindred spirits. I am very spiritual and live in a forest, as far away from the world as possible, yet far too close.

    I feel tears in my heart when I see modern changes and new buildings, technology and so forth yet cringe at the thought of never having Internet so I can be in contact with people like you.

    Thank you for the insight in your blog.
    When I look up at the stars, I'll think of you.
    Your friend and fellow MCSer.
    Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl
    site for MCS

  2. Franny,
    Thanks for the soulful comment, and welcome! The world is difficult sometimes, explanation needs to come from some deep part. Stars have always helped me, and internet ... seems to be a starway in a fashion.
    Be well. Mokihana


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