Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Esperanto ... the universal language KNOWLEDGE IS FOUND IN MANY PLACES

Here's something to consider just before the 'Ole Cycle begins tomorrow (lasting three nights this time ... for it is the Ho'onui Phase ... the phase when the moon is getting full).  CJ Wright keeper of the space called Auntie Moon has ideas for making good use of the Sun's occupancy in Aquarius.  One of the 12 things CJ suggested as a 'To Do' during the days and nights of Aquarius is "learn a phrase in Esperanto the universal language."  That immediately caught my eye and my love of language.  Thanks CJ.

Here's the link to a few phrases of Esperanto.  Something new before new things are set on review and rewind, what fun!


  1. Good luck to Esperanto :)

    It's a pity that many people do not know that it has become a living language.

    Your readers may be interested in

    A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at

  2. Brian, thank you for visiting; and yes, I love that Esperanto has become a living language. It challenges me to hear language I don't yet understand ... a metaphor for living, yes?

  3. Saluton, Mokihana. Saluton, Pete. Multan dankon!



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