Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makua O'o Re-opens

There surely is a time, and a season for all things.  The first full moon will be bright in the sky where I live tonight.  Hoku.  I have rested and begun a retraining program that excites me at a deep and powerful place within.  I am in the fifth month of the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program, to retrain my ancient survival focused brain of beliefs, patterns of acting and feeling and I am getting better and better with each month.  The process is sometimes slow, yet steady; other times I make region leaps and feel a new kind of calm confidence.  

The 'Olelo No'eau, the parable and inspiration words of wisdom that has been the backbone of Makua O'o for many years is this one:  E HO'A NO I PAU KUHIHEA.  I have integrated the translation "Do the thing, and rid yourself of illusions" to be my living mantra.  This 'olelo no'eau has helped me to grow my tail and my tale as the mo'o I am with joy, understanding, forgiveness and love.  I believe the parable was tailor made for me and my journey.  I am a mo'o with the name "Mokihana" how can I be otherwise.  I am a storyteller with tales to discover, dust off, re-weave with new information, and tell.

I am excited to re-open the pages of Makua o'o the blog. When and how the stories here will unfold is not pre-destined.  Sometimes stories have a long gestation period, sometimes multiple births happen.  Welcome to the place where I have found comforting for years. 

Aloha kakou,
Mokihana Calizar

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