Monday, July 9, 2012

When I long for the other moku

"When I long for my Island home, I am able to connect through the keys and world of unseeable bridges. I found two stories this morning that satisfy my longings..."
The lightning and thunder storm stirred up the air and the connection moku to moku. A beautifully written article about kahuna kalae wa'a (master canoe builder) Keola Sequeira of Lahaina, Maui found its way to me after that storm. The storyteller in me is always humbled and thankful for the gifts of story, they, the gifts come and in the spirit of "gifts" they are shared to expand the mana. I wrote story on Wa'a Mo'olelo Story-Canoe. It's about kaona, layers of meaning and the value of the backbone. The whole story is here.

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