Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Moon in Aquarius, Yesterday, August 10, 2014 : Ready to hold more light!

"Let's use the ultra stimulating energies of the [Aquarius]Full Moon to each further our own life's mission. This is a fabulous Full Moon to make radical changes that signal to yourself and the world that you're ready to hold more light." - Molly Hall *
Yesterday was a full day and evening. It started with the conclusion to the writing of Mend Meddle Magic, the third of a triology of medicine stories I began two years ago. It takes a lot of courage, and a willingness to stay the course of creativity regardless of largesse -- grand success. Writing and creating this trilogy weaves in and out, and over and through the daily stepping of the life others can see with the world most others cannot see. This is courageous stuff because it can, and in my case, it has taken a full decade to recognize the joy and the medicine-magic of writing to create. Three stories later, and ten years after leaving the world of large business education/training, I celebrated by finishing a party scene with all the characters who showed up at The Safety Pin Café. The astrology of yesterday's Aquarius Full Moon affirms my commitment to keep living my soul's wishes to create and mentor at the same time.

"The two old dears, embraced with passion of the second half of life. "Aware of the gold in having lived with curiosity. Unafraid to be vulnerable. Humbled by the challenges of the unknown. Thank you," she said and she meant every word." - The conclusion of Mend Meddle Magic

This blog Makua O'o has been the foundation for standing firmly in my true nature, with roots grounded in the culture of my ancestors. The kupuna, the elders, have been steady in their regard for me. But, it is I (the ego's eyes) that didn't hear, couldn't understand the messages, or as teacher Angeles Arrien suggests perhaps "I was embroidering the shrouds of insufficiency with resentments and pretending." At 66, I am in the childhood of my elder years. What is encouraging about being a kid-oldster is I have so much more fun to experience before I reach mid-life old. I have room to hold much more light!

Yesterday Pete and I went into our downtown, and joined others, including our land-mate and dear friend, in the first ever in Langley, Washington Gay Pride Parade. Just before we headed into town we were talking with another friend. "We're heading into the Gay Pride Parade after we leave here." Our friend surprised me when she asked, "Why do they have to have a parade when we all know they're gay any way?" I told her "Why not have a parade!" And that is just about it. Why not? Because ... before yesterday my gay, lesbian, bi, and queer, trans-gender friends could not have a parade in down town America. Yesterday they could, did, and we celebrated with them.

As the sun set on our island we headed to our favorite moon rising place. For the third full moon in a row, Pete and I joined our Luna-tic Pals to watch the Osprey fish for supper, listen to the seagulls' ruckus ... coming to consensus about when to go, stay until the moon rose?? Who knows exactly; we could only speculate. There was an informal pool of where and precisely when Hina would rise above the tree line. No one won, and everybody clapped gently and chanted E Hina E as the sweet smiling goddess came up just where she wanted. The moon lit the sky holding plenty of light to glisten the tidewater with its golden cream. We listened to two young girls with sticky marsh-mellow crème on their fingers tell us about their dog, and winning their soccer championship. The chatty one plays defense, right, center, left wherever she is needed.

It was an all around full day on the Planet Earth. Hina is our company, our companion goddess and between her and Earth there's room for holding more light. You just have to believe that is enough, and that it is precisely what we came here to do.

* Molly Hall's Aquarius Full Moon post was for the August, 2012 Aquarius Full Moon. I missed that when I included it here. But, I feel the message is powerful, and right on for this 2014 moon. Astrologically I hope it fits anyway:)

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