Tuesday, August 11, 2015

String Theory and creative process

Many strings help me sort. Some strings dangle temptingly, I snap at them like a hungry Dragon Fly waiting for Termites in the fading light. Other strings have a magnetism for each other. I notice the attraction and tie the ends together. Still others rise from pools once filled with sweet fresh drinking water. Those had lain in the muck of the seemingly dead. A small rain plumps the string and fuzzy moss grows to see a new day.

There I am. Here I be. In the middle of many strings, the cords of connection are feeding new Dreaming. Makua o'o often find the most exciting discoveries when she is still, or stilled and silence. My body and my 'Aumakua collaborate to still me long enough to listen and look within. The ash and burn-filled sky, the domain of Lono, sets a stage for slowing down. One ear and then the other struggle to sort the invasions. One of my medicine woman looks down my ear canals and says, "No wax, but many a fungus infection?" Then asks "What do you do for fungus infection." I tell her "Garlic, turmeric in olive oil." She listened to my lungs, moving her instrument over many places on my back. "It sounds pretty darn good. No wheezing ..." a plastic clip meter is on my finger, "Cool way to measure oxygen saturation. 97. That's good." So there I am. Here I am, navigating through the effects of Old Growth Forests' burning, and my reaction to the loss. Last week I made this appointment with my Nurse Practitioner so she could use her instruments to tell me what was 'physical.' It helps to get a second informed and trustworthy opinion. "You're such an empath," my medicine woman said as I described the role my body plays in the processing of Grief. The suffering of the trees is so much bigger than my own. At the end of the appointment she suggested acupuncture and an acupuncturist who might serve me.

Then, as my dear husband witnesses again the suffering I experience he kicks into protect mode. I'm unprepared for his solution. It kicks my rib out. AWW. Not that solution. Not the one I try to hide as my fondest desire. I am guilt-stricken. Slowed down even more for a few days, more strings dangle, those old dried up ones wiggle tempting me to consider. I huli.

There. Here. These are the strings ... my mind, body and my creative souls notice and play with the process.

Ho'omoku one string

  • What you teach, is what you need to learn
  • An island grows slowly

Braiding Sweetgrass The book written by Robin Wall Kimmerer a second string

  • The Three Sisters
  • Thanksgiving Address
  • Skywoman Falling

The Bowl of Light The Book written by Hank Wesselman about Hale Makua

  • Change your mind about someone
  • Expanding upon the meaning of  Precession 
  • Expanding the meaning of The Bowl of Light and the action of huli

Saturn finishes his transit through Scorpio

  • Retracing Saturn's path and my personal journey/path
  • But this time, recognize the maturity of Saturn's place as teacher; Slow and steady (ho'omoku ... he puko'a kani 'aina)
  • Move slow to go far ... take our time this time and 'get it right' 
  • Jupiter is in Virgo for the next year, that may be the timeline to consider and apply as Saturn moves from Scorpio into Sagittarrius. I communicate and 'throw net' to let my family know what is happening. I think big. I check out delusions. 

More traffic on our local road

  • It's time to huli

Trees are cut more often, and close-by

  • It's time to huli

My dreaming

  • It's time to huli
My writings
  • Medicine stories are doses of string theory applied
  • Characterization feeds the Dreaming; Dreaming feeds the characterization
  • All the strings end up in the medicine.
  • Songs come from all the sources.
  • Shine's Sign Song is the latest sort, snap, tie, play and write it all together process for navigation. Playful child, meets curious grow(ing)n ups, and cosmology meets botany!
Huli many definitions

Pukui & Elbert Hawaiian Dictionary 1. to turn; to curl over, as a breaker, Fig., to change, as an opinion or manner of living ... 2. ho'ohuli To turn, change, overturn, convert, to look for, seek; search, investigate

Huli from the canoe

The canoe huli.

How do you relate to String Theory?

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