Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday writing that turns into wishes ...

"All planets direct! And, the first full moon for more than forty years. You are invited to a gala celebration and occasion of jolly. As we toast Larkin's journey across the Green Planet, come prepared to be costumed and dressed for a night and weekend of merriment. Come for a party in the city!"  

A small insert of onionskin explained ... 

A carriage will pick you up at the usual ferry-riding lot at 10 AM, Friday, December 25, 2015. The driver has instructions and ferry fare for all.

The blustery and wet December of 2015 may be recorded as topping the scales for rainfall. In town just a few minutes ago we tucked our heads into our breast feathers, shopped quickly for supper, exchanged smiles and good cheer with our grocer friends, and picked up more Christmas mail from the post office box.

I have ridden the storm of a December chest cold, and feel much better after ten long days and nights. To remedy the cold there have been bits of a story to write myself well. Characters who embody part of me, parts of the Other, and wishes that I embrace with my whole soul, and fullest heart ... fill me where phlegm would sodden my innards. Story, story, tell me a story and we will unwind a thread losing ourselves, finding home.

The opening lines to this post are part of the story that's writing itself through my fingertips. It's a tale of community like all my stories; one about generations who are while different link together in magical if not odd ways. Make the most of this Full Moon on December 25, 2015 when all planets are direct as well. Click here to read a story!

Much love,

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