Monday, April 11, 2016

Be the app(lication)

Shortened form of 'application.' Popularized by Apple Computers Inc. with the introduction of the iPhone
An edited definition from Urban Dictionary 
My friend shared a link on FB this morning, thanks jt. This link introduced me to the 105 year old Aboriginal artist, Loongkoonan. The article on Jumble Joy by Regina Young states,

"The esteemed artist took up the art of painting in her 90’s as way to keep busy. Her art is inspired by her Aboriginal upbringing on a ranch, and the many years she spent exploring her country on foot."
The art is beautiful, inspiring, and trail blazing. With each dot of her paint brush Loongkoonan takes me on her walkabout. The process is not immediate. The journey is her song lines. I am a visitor as I view her song, her lines, her story; and I am at the same time reminded to keep exploring my country on foot. Loongkoonan's creativity inspires me, reminds me to be the app. Her art is one based on living it, and like my ancestors of the tatau, I remember to "Research my roots, and water my own tree."
Image Source: Mashable 

This is a short and sweet bit of posting, as my body takes time for rest as the whole of me goes through deep internal work. My friend Donna Cunningham described what Pluto crossing the ASC in your life means; it's what's going on for me. With her permission I leave it here, in case any of you, dear readers, are going through the same experience. Thank you, Donna.

 "A transit through the 12th is an underground process of self development, then as the transiting planet crosses the Ascendant into the 1st, you're ready to show it to the world" 

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