Friday, June 3, 2016

New Moon in Gemini, June 4, 2016

lassoed the theme I needed for  New Moon in Gemini

Tomorrow the Moon is New in the air sign of Gemini at 14 degrees. It's been a tough time here, and I wasn't really sure where this was heading. My attitude was stinking, and my thinking (Gemini stuff) was not hitting the hit notes or the high ground.

But something happened this afternoon. Pete and I drove to the beach hoping for a swim but the wind and water had other plans. We stayed for awhile: Pete up against a beautiful downed former tree, and I stepped into the wavy water barefoot, and up to my shins. "Cold." I had my swim suit on, and a long sleeve shirt with my flopping straw hat. The quiet and the Salish Sea calmed me. The water was clear and there were gifts there: a beautiful piece of Moon Snail looked up at me with her shiny brown face; a shard of sand dollar in a sun-like shape; two other sand dollars (all absent of occupants) with piecing missing.  Thank you! If I had forgotten, I remember now ... sorry for my forgetfulness it is one of things I work at.

Forgetfulness is not just one of things a human can chock up to the elder years. Yes, we forget things, but somethings slip through the cracks because I am too busy being bitter. As Pete and I turned into our long driveway through the woods he said "Yes, I'm going to the high school graduation next week end." A very important young man we met four years ago will be graduating.

"That's nice," I said and I meant it. I felt that subtle and powerful shift. There was room for something.

"That's my theme," Pete said. I wasn't sure what he meant by that.

"I am trying to be a nice person that way I don't have to worry about being paranoid delusional," he's been running into that a lot. Pete is one of the people my astrologer Elsa P. wrote about in a recent post. Pete is one of those folks with Gemini at birth (Natal position) at 14 degrees. Tomorrow's New Moon at 14 degrees will give him, and others in his tribe, a break.

 As for the other mutable signs, they might feel a bit jealous of Gemini at this time.  That's too bad; 14 Gemini has had a tough year with Saturn and Neptune bearing down.  It's about time they were dealt an ace. - ElsaElsa Free Newsletter
Where is the New Moon in your natal chart, got a theme to latch to?

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