Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Synchronicity" that's our tune, and Mercury in Virgo

Here's the description for this beautiful photograph "Shawn and Amy dancing in sync" from Wikimedia Commons (Frank Kovalchek). "Gypsy Underground is a collection of Middle Eastern dance groups in the Anchorage age. I'm fortunate to know several of them. They performed at the 2010 Girdwood Forest Fair - Girdwood is a small town about 30 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska - a very small community with great skiing, hiking, and beer.
I went looking for an image of synchronicity to accompany this post and found this to delight my Inner Belly Dancing Gypsy soul. The one who used to be able to do these moves, and set a groove. A different day, a different body, but all still possible in Mythic Time. The beautiful dance puts me in the spirit of reception as I take a break and pace myself from cleaning, clearing and preparing to flow activity.

Here's the in sync part: My friend and writing partner lives in Portland. She's a writer, blogger and respected astrologer. I emailed her to update her about life in general and the writing of fiction specifically; we are both venturing into the 'I'm writing a novel' zone. Via this amazing tool, the Internet, two people who have never met face-to-face but have gotten to know each other because we are bloggers, have a friendship grown over the past eight years.

I wrote to tell Donna about the progress of my writing and the necessary cleaning, clearing and revisions. She wrote back and asked whether I'd seen her latest post. I hadn't yet. What she was writing to me was an affirmation of a powerful nudge from the Gods and my 'Aumakua (family gods). The message was: clean up first, then i mua (go forward). Mercury in Virgo is a potent time for 'editing' in all its guises. Here's the link to Donna Cunningham's latest astrology post " Mercury's Long Stay in Virgo? Here's what to do." which begins with "Something prompted me this morning to look for the next Mercury retrograde period, since I regularly plan much-needed projects to tackle during those intervals. I was surprised to discover that Mercury will be in Virgo this year for total of 42 days starting on July 30th. It goes retrograde on August 30th at 29° Virgo and turns direct at 15° Virgo on September 21st,  so it’s retrograde for 24 of the 42 days.

The deal with being in sync has to do with something Donna said to me via email when we first started this writing buddy system in the whirl of novel writing. She asked first, "Same page?" I wrote what was going on with life and the writing. She wrote back, "Same page." Like the beautiful undulation of belly and hips the dancers are in sync. I love the image, and draw it down. Smiling broadly.

Mercury in Virgo is a powerful time with a retrograde to boot. I'm grateful for the heads up. This old belly dancer flows to dance however I can. And you, got some moves to prepare for? Click the link.

Thanks, Donna. How 'bout those moves!

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