Sunday, September 11, 2016

Doing the work of an elder in training

Fall is the season of harvest, time to pick and put-up the beans, shuck the ears of corn, eat the rest of the tomatoes, juice the apples, store the keeper apples through the winter, pick the winter squash and make delicious orange colored-spiced soups. All the yummy things that started with seed have ripened.

Pete and I have been busy harvesting our life that began when we built Vardo For Two eight years ago. The harvest and the work at this point is big, worthy of makua o'o who are seasoned with experience yet humble in knowing there is always the mystery and the mystery is not a pray-and-go easy payment plant. It's a "Pray to Allah. Tether your camel" kind of approach.

I'm writing about this season of harvest and readjustments on The Safety Pin Cafe. It's the place where the issues and reality of living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and the laws in this country (America) regarding legal definitions of "housing" can be thrashed out. I thrash through the issues as Pete and I clean up the physical surroundings and prepare to hitch-up. We built our sleeping hut on wheels with faith in a power greater than ourselves. Na Akua, our gods are good. But we have our part to do, too.

We're tying the camel, and doing the work. The makua o'o uses those Nine Tools again and again and like Pete reminds me choosing the right tool for the job is more than half the job.

The Informant Is the latest post on The Safety Pin Cafe, and connects a recently released documentary "Karl Marx City" with two Washington state news articles/posts dealing with laws about housing and homelessness. This all started with a dream I wasn't sure I could wake from.

The tools of the Makua o'o used: all nine

Venus enters Libra is one of those post I write with astrology framing a broadly applied picture. I had a dream that woke me up.

The tools of the Makua o'o used: In particular, #1. Notice and #4 Soften the ground of your being

Spider Bite was a way to acknowledge the guardian getting my attention.

Which tool or tools was/were used or using me you think?

There is some evidence of ripening 
This was a ramble of words and experiences that I specifically likened to Spider pulling silk to make her web. Pete and I had just been through a second negotiation for a safe place to be for the fall and winter. The prairie and the community were not the place. We thought they were not ready for us. But, perhaps we were not ready for them?

The tools of the Makua o'o used: All Nine

There are other posts on The Safety Pin Cafe chronicling our Fall of doing the work ... if you are curious about the ongoing, and seasonal work of an elder in training please take a look, I'll be there.

Aloha kakou,

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