Friday, October 7, 2016

Spider Season, this season

"[M]edicinal" histories seek to re-establish the connections between peoples and their histories; to reveal the mechanisms of power, the steps by which their current condition of oppression was achieved, through a series of decisions made by real people in order to dispossess them; but also to reveal the multiplicity, creativity and persistence of resistance among the oppressed." - Aurora Levins Morales

The fragments and fractures reflect in the window of the small golden wagon. The effort and deliberation of moving, transplanting ourselves is being recorded into "medicinal history" as Aurora Levins Morales describes. Without knowing Aurora Levins Morales was alive on the planet, doing what she does, being who she is, I have been writing Medicine Stories of my own to do just what she speaks of reconnecting myself to the history of my past with the struggles, and the joy, of life now.

Now that we know of her, we conjoin, hold hands, and reevaluate. The Medicine Stories are the place of potency right now. The potency is over there.

Auhea oe, Spider? A speck, almost invisible she is a dot on the wall on the golden wagon, inches from the dangling brass bell. Potent, reserving her energy for the pounce.

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