Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Listen … with your whole body … LISTEN RESPECTFULLY


We are officially living from within our tiny, beautiful VardoForTwo. Life is a series of events, many comedic beyond imagination, tragic if not taken with humor. Pete and I have been a week in the woods with the company of frogs, fairies and the resident culture of Tahuya, Washington.

Life has become even more purposeful ... each decision affects the next. We sleep inside our safe cave and must consciously decide how to maintain a clean inside while cooking, washing, being with the weather and the woods. Washington is wet ... we learn to cover and clean everything outside. We learn that self-sufficiency is a full time job and it just doesn't get done ... it just is.

JOTS our kitty is loving the woods and has had adventures with the lake dogs, finds plenty to hunt and is finding she could easily be lunch. She and I do trail walks almost every day and I have discovered she loves to wrap around my shoulders and neck like a scarf and would climb into my hair if given permission.

Being in a vardo is like being on a boat ... it sways and moves on a sea of air and movement is ever present. I listen to my body as she feels the reassembling of a life. It's a good story. I write from the library for now, until internet becomes possible in the woods, take good care friends, followers and family.

From the ledge in the woods we send aloha! Mokihana and Pete

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