Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do your best in all things … BELIEVE YOUR BEST IS ENOUGH.

From over the edge On the Ledge, this old Nurse Log is holding up a chunk of The Ledge and giving new life to tiny trees just starting out.

Shifting Makua O`o

Happy Mother's Day, mothers. It has been a while since posting here at Makua O`o, our life in a wheeled home takes a lot of energy. Simplicity is conscious, and it is not without lots of effort. To make wise use of my energy and time I will consolidate blogging and post only on VARDOFORTWO ... at least for this next little while.

Spirit is in everything I do, and it seems the message is ... simply be with it. So, join me back on VardoForTwo and I will make space for the spiritual practice of an elder in training there ... On the Ledge in the Woods.

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