Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NOTICE: one of the makua's o'o

My Ma and Dad gifted both David my brother and me with large ears and big eyes.  Though my brother and I need glasses to pick up on the detail of things in the distance, that minor adjustment has never interfered with the gift of noticing.  In fact, it would serve me to ignore or let pass alot of the details and bits of stimulation in an ordinary day or night.  Since that characteristic is not part of my native personality, I have learned to accept my observant nature and vivid imagination as gifts Ke Akua tucked into my soul at birth and pray for help when I've absorbed too much.

One of the answers Ke Akua has sent my way has been a different way to view time.  Perhaps that answer becomes more welcome as I age, and witness time speeding up and the kino (the body) slowing down.  In a very tender way, Ke Akua opened us, my kane Pete and me, to a more ancient and feminine way of tracking or being with time.  Through the cycles of light and dark, night and day, Kaulana Mahina (the Hawaiian Moon Calendar) and the attending to Earth's only Moon becomes more and more important in our life. 

Lunar New Year, celebrated with little real consciousness when I was a barefoot girl eating sweet-meat squash and vegetable candies at Mrs. Quon's School (Kuliouou School) is my earliest Chinese New Year memory.  I was four years old, and Mrs. Quon was my kindergarten teacher and heroine of the word and story since that time.  It was Mrs. Quon who taught me to read, opening up the world outside my valley home; words beckoning me to ride them like dreams. 

The New Lunar Year begins this Sunday, February 14, 2010.  It is the Year of the Tiger.  Link here to read the post about the Lunar New Year in Aquarius, over on VardoForTwo.  There I braid together the thoughts and inspiration of astrologers, stargazers and healers who attend to the sky in wonderful ways.  Here I recall a wonderful Chinese woman Dorothea Quon, a teacher and guide who sweetened me to the ideas that grew when alphabets linked to worlds yet to know.  I noticed.  She noticed.  Lunar New Year's celebrated when Mahina The Moon is absent of the sun's glow is a time to note ones inner landscapes.  I give thanks for elders who noticed my inner landscape when few others did.  That is the job of Makua O`o...among other things, they notice.

Gung Hee Fat Choy!  Do you celebrate and welcome the Lunar year?

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