Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clarify... Question for clarity when making decisions … ASK

It's been a bit of the while since posting here, life has been full and my focus has been on mending and writing over at VardoForTwo.  Earlier this month I fell and broke bone in my arm.  The chronicle of my mending and tending to the care of this old makua is over there at VardoForTwo, if you care to follow the tale.  As with near everything that happens I find the lesson in the experience and hope positive tomorrows grow from the learning. 

Sometimes though, the learning is not positive exactly, the learning might be illusion masquerading as truth for a very long time or in astrological terms, Neptune may be fogging the scene.  I've come out of years of Neptune-fogging and for all its angst and loss, I am healing up my fractured elbow and right arm with a new way of using the facts.  What I'm saying is, thank god it was a fracture I am recovering from and thank the gods for the fractures to my faulty thinking/stinking thinking that could lead me down those dead-ends or patterns of delusion if I don't make use of my mind and the signs.

Elsa from has a terrific article/post describing the astrological energy available to me and the collective to 'use your mind ... clarify when making decisions would be the o'o for na makua (us adults).  The months of Saturn (planet of structure and systematic approach) is in retrograde into Virgo and Elsa tells one of her inimitable stories to flick switches in old/faulty thinking or not thinking to make decisions.  Here's a snip of Elsa's story about revolutionizing your thinking.  It's a good whole ramble, so link to its totality by clicking here:

... Once it hits you how important it is to ave your info straight, you can see how disabling it is to not have your info straight. Draw just one wrong conclusion and from there on out, you are acting blind and foolish whether you know it or not.

Since this is exactly what most people do, when you opt to do otherwise it provides clear advantage. Nothing against Neptune but when your life is as stake you really don’t want to be acting in a fog if you can help it.

I wrote this out because it has wide application and Saturn’s transit though Virgo opposing Uranus provides an excellent opportunity to revolutionize your thinking or your thought process so you no longer draw stupid conclusions ...

Do you clarify and use good information in your life decisions?

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