Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Practice patience and endurance … TIMING IS DIVINE

... Patience is the greatest ally
-from an interpretation of the Runes

Often I long for the white sandy beaches of the Islands of Hawaii, and mourn the reality that the beaches and forests of another island must be enough for this wahine and her kane.  There are many reasons and seasons for not being in Hawaii; they don't really matter at this point.  Patience is slowly becoming that great ally of progress with my soul's journey.  This Makua continues to learn how necessary it is to be open to initiations and new growth at all ages.  Sixty-two is a bumper crop year for growth for me as the newest winter approaches and yet another season of adjustments and adapting challenge me to keep on keep'n on. 

Old friends cannot help but judge the choices I make and with each season I am aware and then accepting of my path which is not a niche carved out in pre-ordained fashion.  In the forest of an Island damp with rain and friendly companions, we adjust to the place and pray for Akua to direct our course to serve that highest good.

Patience, not judgment is that great ally. 

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