Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ano ano

One of my favorite books is called Ano Ano.  Like so many lessons, the book was the teacher I needed at the time.  Beautifully illustrated and written in lyrical language I was ripe for learning.  Spring approaches in the forest where we live, and evidence of new life makes itself known: pollens, spores and changes in the atmosphere, and slowly warming temperatures.

The seed re-inspires me to look within and find the seed of being that always knows who I am, who I was when I began and who I promised to become. 

The ano reminds me to allow for remembering, and attend to what is most important.  My life has changed tme and time again since I first opened that beautiful book Ano Ano in 1994.  I grieve the losses, appreciate the gifts, and close some doors so the ano can be born again.

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