Friday, January 7, 2011


Aloha e hauoli makahiki hou

Long time.  My family and I have been living a full and rich life.  My every day times are back on so please visit if you're curious.  JOTS my kitty is blogging with me from my lap and ua ka lani is plentiful.  The rain is heavy.  The thriee of us are in our quonset kitchen, and it seems a good time to link up and post a beautifully inspired chunk of history taking place in the middle of the American North Continent.

1.  Hula
2.  Ecological Heva
3.  Creativity

These three elements of human storytelling are making history in Montana.  Hula for us kanaka maoli is seeded in na'au (gut-bred).  What is so grand about this COOL WATER HULA is the innocent and powerful nature of ancient and something yet to be (a new and better story!) happening in unexpected places.

Kristi Hager of Helena, Montana has begun making history.  Click on the link below, and pass the hula along.  Keia o kela (here or there) let the story grow and change.

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