Monday, April 16, 2012

Rocking, Roller Derbying, Recreating

Life is not static.  Spring proves that better than most times, especially when you are paying attention or being made to pay ... attention.  Makani kama'aina, the familiar winds here on Whidbey are becoming familiar to us as we root ourselves a bit more and make peace with the winds that live within us.  I think, the two (the inner and outer) winds are not the same but have conversations and sometimes the busy or confused po'o (head) eavesdrops.

I am recreating and re-choosing the presents and the future of life today.  This new spring has brought me the gift of valuing the imbalances as "perfect"  ... the journey through painful illness and disconnections with what was is a rock and roll love affair.  This place, The Makua O'o blog has opened, closed and re-opened as I navigate this journey attempting to pick my way through the opihi of stars and constellations ... so many choices, distractions and illusions.  Which one?  Which next? 

This weekend a planned venture into my rock and rolling future happened.  Check this out:  Roller Derby!

My family and two friends went to our first ever Jet City Roller Girls experience.  We went to cheer on a Whidbey Island gal we know from our community.  We also went to be somewhere we'd never been before.  I was there, in a large in-door setting with hundreds of folks and girls, women dressed for rolling and rocking and wowsers ... we were there to be distracted and entertained.  By night the women are fit and fitted out for a bout that sends them into a 'pack' with a Jammer (the gal with the star on her helmet) poised to break through the pack and roll through all and any obstacle to score points.  I gotta tell you it took me most of the night (3 hours) to follow the sport and get the drift of it all.  By day these women are your kid's teachers, the library in your town, the checker at your local grocer.  Talk about SuperWoman ... she lives next door, or in your building.  Heck she could be your sister!

Life can be recreated... surrounded with scents, and concentrated humanity I did enjoy and experience something new and fun. 

My 2012 garden(s) are being planted:  peas, carrots, beets, summer squash and sunflowers are in the moist dark dirt.  Little lettuce seeds are making ready in our green house and three pots of la'i (green ti leaf) are growing nicely.  My first daffodils (small triple heads) are blooming and branches of camilia blossoms smile from vases all over the forest.

My writer's voice is having a lot of fun with a story of time-travel, history, culture and all the things I have found to love on my way from kela to ke'ia.  Here is a link to my fiction in the making and the story Splinters.  You can read the story on-line as I write it.  Your comments are welcome there as this makua o'o finds there are many places for wisdom and bridges over time and time again and again.  Here is a snip from one of the recent bits of my mythic fiction in the writing.  One of the main characters Max unfolds the story of time-travel:

From Part Nineteen "The many meanings of words"

"Max was not haughty about his teachings, at least not now and not at this stage of lifetimes. He was not too long a Mo'o Kanaloa, a teacher and healer, to remember that his lessons included being boastful, brash, broad of chest and lean on humility. This night on the Onomea Bay where once the Great Chief 'Ailu'au stood, so too did Max share time with the ali'i nui. The teacher allowed himself the luxury of halting time, asking for permission to do this thing that appeared to be something reserved for pausing electronic devices, Max asked permission of The Keeper of time and waited for approval. His 'oli was not complex, but it did address his elders and it was asked for a specific purpose, and thanks were included before he recalled the memory. Hina, goddess of the Earth's one moon kept time with the beating of her kapa beater. It was to her that requests like this were made. Max knew it was 'Ole Pau, one of the phases of Hina's cycle when a wobble allowed for revisiting time. "Thank you Mahina nui," he said... "

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