Wednesday, May 16, 2012

He'elele ka moe na ke kanaka

A dream is a bearer of messages to man
- Kupuna Kawena Pukui, 'Olelo No'eau

My dreams have been swhirling lately, filled with bits and pieces of information I recall some of it but more of it remains an undigested meal.  My na'au is busy, my head not content and yet there's time for the messages to seep like water where they're needed. 

2008, the open door in the making

This blog, Makua O'o is an open door with fewer updates than when this place was new.  I was learning to navigate the cyber-world while I also learned how to appreciate the messages of an illness that was quickly wiping my world out, as I knew it.  The years of blogging that began in 2008 are recorded here like my people of the canoe had done centuries earlier, and continue to do in the creation of 'oli.  When we began rebuilding our lives I was making my way through uncharted waters and needed a tool to mark my path.  Words, story and mana'o have been a navigational tool that serves.  The word Mo'olelo means the succession of words or pieces of a story; words following one after the other. 

This morning I came to Makua O'o to see whether people are still visiting and found a few still do.  Welcome, you are still very welcome.  My journey, my life and the writing and storytelling I do have feathered as I get better and better, recovering my health refreshed in body and soul.  Some things change.  Some things stay the same.  What stays the same?  The tools for living as Makua O'o remain constant.  The words to describe the tools change/evolve as I am given access to understanding 'Olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian Language) with more depth.  The internet allows me to research and learn from the brilliant lights of young(er) kumu and translation of the timeless wisdom (Kumulipo, Na Po Mahina).  I thrive on this stuff and as I learn I spread it around -- one blog at a time, or several blogs at once!

What changes?  Seasonally, Nature changes, the heavens huli, planting seasons come and go.  I age, my hair grays, my eyes weaken.  On the other end of that cord of record my pre-conceptions change as I recognize the illusions that have limited my thinking.  Recovery from long-term illness does that, and who I am now is changing.  For whatever reason (it might be my astrology or my genetic application) I share the process. 

If you have come here to read what a Makua O'o does over time, you might like reading my other blogs.

Here is where my love of storytelling, characters and time through history weave a mythic fiction from culture, place and connections between generations.  I am writing the fiction on-line and include my thinking and my researching as I sniff out the next connection or digest a dream not yet ready for translation.

Story-Canoe ... Wa'a Mo'olelo
This is a publicly available blog for storytellers.  Behind the scenes a private blogspot houses weekly workshops where I share and teach storytellers.

Feathered Ground
This is the journal where spill my discoveries and better-and-better improvements with the Gupta Amygdala Retaining (brain retraining) Program.

Throughout the blogs I remain an elder-in-training Makua O'o.  There is always more to know, so I learn and share the navigation and translate.  The kapu moons begin tonight, with KANE (notice the underscore substitute for the kahako because I have no 'olelo software ... flexibility!)  Link here for the Ke Ala O Ka Mahina Calendar to count on the moon.

Mahalo nui loa kakou, thanks to you for continuing to visit Makua O'o.  Hope you come visit me at the other places, too.



  1. hi Mokihana,
    I just wanted to let you know that you likely have more readers than you realise :)
    I read your blog only by RSS so my reading would not show up as 'visits' to the blog itself. I am sure I'm not the only one to do this!
    Thanks for letting us know about the other blogs. I hadn't known about Feathered Ground and am very interested to check it out and read of your improvements.

    much love

  2. Hi Libby,
    Nice to hear from you. Life goes on, better and better up and down. Gupta's program does me a ton of good. Wishing you well, too.


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