Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evidence of magic: collecting miracles

Pete and the 'Little House that Grew", October, 2012

Visiting Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed Tiny House, 2007

The Long House with remnants of the original Quonset Hut (the blue back wall)

Once upon a time, not so very long ago two old dears took themselves on a road trip to visit a young wizard who was said to be making quit a stir. That young wizard, who was not so very young, was saying things that made a lot of very important people very leery. Things like, "small is enough" and "tiny" might be just right and on and on. He built tiny spaces and lived in them. Famous people like Oprah found out about the not so very young wizard and invited him to be on her very famous television show. After that ... many more people thought lots and lots of things about him. The two old dears were fighting for their lives (as they knew it at the time) and felt the voice of miracles and magic making stirring in the pot that will not die. Unsure of most of life at that point, the two old dears headed for the wizard in San Sebastopol in California and joined the tiny house wizard for one of his first workshops.

Time has passed and the wizard and the two old dears age and the collection of miracles continues. The wizard is now married with a wife and a son; the tiny house pictured above (the one in the middle of the three) remains the original TUMBLEWEED Tiny House. Since 2007 when we traveled south to California the wizard has influenced and inspired a revolution of grand proportions causing many humans to rethink the necessity and requirements for a house. We, two old dears, were well along the road of rethinking these necessities when we met Jay Shafer. His example and that workshop was a milestone along the path to making nests and growing tiny living spaces. Pictured above is the Quonset Hut 'the little house that grew' into our Long House a tiny bit at a time. The fall winds stir everything up ... inspiring and conspiring with the present to make a future worth enjoying. The pathways have turned to gold with the long needles of pine. Brilliant as any yellow brick road the forest trails are lit with magic. We collect that magic and give many, many thanks for the miracle of appreciating it in the moment.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou ... the new year begins!


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