Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#8 The Safety Pin Cafe: Casting shadows, throwing nets

Sun in House Eleven/Moon in House Five

...More likely, you look for emotional pleasures from creative projects or envision the potentials from taking a risk...If you have children, you may find that they take center stage by needing you more now, or that you are feeling torn as they grow up and move away so quickly-Linda Goodman
Clouds moved into the sky, cloaking the light. "And the eclipse." I had not forgotten, but snickered at the reminder. "I shan't be with you once you step your feet, Pale Wawae," The Fairy Lady was keen in her naming. It mattered that I wore my name unfettered in the old language. The kihei assumed her weight of time and purpose. Those they call 'witch' were of course more than that in the work that edges. Border work included so many notions, potions, and remedies. But more than anything it was our ease with dreams-- both those of sleep and of wakefulness-- that allowed comfort with the borders.

"Hi'iaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele," closing my eyes I called to Pele. The Fairy Lady resting on the copper safety pin then began to slide down the length of the pin, warming the metal. Blossoms one at a time budded first at the tip of my ears, first the left then the right. Sliding and fluttering up the pin, The Fairy Lady warmed the pin. A lei of Ohia Lehua circled my head. Always the first to arrive when new land was forming, Hi'iaka the Goddess, beloved sister of Pele finds me when I need her. "Lucky me. Lucky you," I heard Hi'iaka's deep, sweet voice. Perhaps others missed the humor and joy of the Goddess' work. For me? The joy of the work was everything! My sensible black boots pulsed rhythmically. Reaching to position my lei po'o in place and at a sassy tilt, I checked for the basket in my armpit. "Mahalo, Tutu," I thanked my elder. The vines of ancient 'ie'ie encircled the jelly insides protecting them from slippage.  Like a miniature throw net the basket would serve me only if I knew where it was when I needed it.

Again, I thought of the sight I made for those who watched. No longer young a border witch was not so alarmed by her costuming. My work would be with one who might not know what face or costume best fit her. With one last long, deep breath I stepped toward the bedroom door and exhaled.

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