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Full Solar Eclipse (and New Moon) in Scorpio, November 13, 2012

" I still carry the land so deep in my bones that I cannot bear to go back...Perhaps to know so familiar a place better it must become strange again."
-Ellen Meloy, The Anthropology of Turquoise.

I am reading two books by Ellen Meloy at the moment, Eating Stone (her last and final book) and The Anthropology of Turquoise. Choosing not to read the books from front cover to end, this morning as Pete and I sat to eat oatmeal together I flipped to a page in The Anthropology of Turquoise and found the lines quoted above. From her essay "Waiting Its Occasions" the descriptions contain threads broad and lumpy weaving place, people, legacies and spirit together in a heart-rich rendering. "The true heart of a place does not come in a week's vacation. To know it well, as Mary Austin wrote, one must "wait its occasions"--follow full seasons and cycles, a retreating snowpack, a six-year drought, a ponderosa pine eating up a porch. Meloy writes about memories of her Sierra days of "witless youth and enflamed senses" in this essay. Sparked by Meloy's words I consider the naturalist's essays in concert with the cycles and landscape I navigate as sun, moon, earth, planets and stars align with the life that becomes my memories.
The Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up in such a way that the Moon obscures the Sun from the Earth. This can only occur during a [ New Moon phase.] The human response to the Solar Eclipse is both physical and psychological. It is not uncommon for the individual to develop an awareness of change shortly before, during and after an eclipse. Solar Eclipses focus the spotlight onto the Self...The Solar Eclipse can help you to regroup and focus, for a while, on an area in your life that may need extra attention or change.

New Moon, the Hilo Moon in the Hawaiian Moon Calendar is a time of new beginnings. With the solar eclipse this month (days before my 65th birthday) I am aware of the bridge of opportunity available. Like the old Mission Impossible line, "Your mission, should you choose to accept it ..." I can't cross that bridge if I don't know its there. The astrology of the solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio using the Equal House System shines into my 11th House of friends, relationships, affiliations. Drawing again from LunarLiving, I found this:

With the Solar Eclipse in the 11th House: The focus is on society and the human race. Group interests and organizational involvement become more significant in one's life. It is typically through eleventh house relationships and experiences that charitable viewpoints develop. One's own sense of worth is advanced when selfless humanitarian acts become a common practice or accepted as a natural decree of the universe.
Small and significant affiliations link me to the community where Pete and I live. More than ever, at least more than has been the case for years now, I am enjoying company. Releasing myself from the isolation of illness and trauma, my boundaries are healthier and fit me better today. Moment to moment, and day into night I come to know this self because, for a time (years) I did not know who I was or where I was. To become familiar again, I needed to become a hermit cloistered in tinier and tinier spaces with little outside stimulation. Feeling my way through the moments allowed confidence to grow from the inside out ... slowly.While I cloistered, my 12th House Moon (in Capricorn) was able to restore the emotional ground around me: I wrote, I wrote, I write. Servicing my self through blogging, and creating one after another, the act of witnessing my life served (12th House). Healing and recovering in the privacy of my world in the woods, a body of writing has toned my muscle for affiliation. I know myself as I am now not as I was before or at the peak of the illness. That bridge of opportunity is reworked, marked "Mission Impossible"  and lit with the illumination of a Hilo Moon of new beginnings.

If you need one more idea about making sure of the energy of this Solar Eclipse, click here for an insight from Elsa P. Set an intention for this New Moon.

Where does the Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse illuminate your astrology (what house)?

The total solar eclipse will be visible in the southern hemisphere of Earth November 13-14, 2012. Click here to check out when the solar eclipse is visible in your part of the world.

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