Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boundaries Visualization

Several years ago I met and communicated with an energy worker named Kachina Houska thanks to astrologer and blogger Donna Cunningham. It was 2009 and I was living in our vardo parked between two houses in Everett, Washington. Saturn was transiting Libra it was a time to experience relationships with the intent to 'clean things up'. Donna invited Kachina to share a boundary setting visualization. I'm sharing it here because I need the reminder.(The link to Kachina's visualization is on my sidebar.) With Saturn now in Scorpio energy is limited, how and where we use energy needs to be considered with wisdom. I had an opportunity to practice this visualization without thinking ... and it worked. Revisiting Kachina's post affirmed the worth of the investment begun 4 years prior.

" When setting boundaries, it is important to build upon a foundation, that you hold firm upon, in every relationship.
It is not uncommon to see that the people that have the most difficulty setting boundaries are the one’s that are complicating the whole matter in their approach. Boundaries are not easy to develop and set if you attempt to instill them in a one-on-one manner.

In other words, if you are currently feeling overwhelmed with many relationships in your life that feel out of balance, and you are feeling severely trespassed everywhere you turn, it is simply not going to be efficient to try to work each and every situation out individually and  with different rules for each relationship.
 You are unlikely to achieve much success this way and will probably just get lost in all of that drama and confused about what it was that you were even attempting to do.
Instead, clear yourself to the best of your ability of all of your thoughts of any personal nature, concerning these existing unbalanced relationships, where you feel like the victim...
Read the entire article here.

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