Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Harvest time juggle

A day's picking and a background of other projects that have kept me busy (That's the Vardo porch frame in the back L. I am sewing up a new canvas awning in time for the winter rains.)

The 12 inches 'round apple this year.

Family and friends in the orchard for baked apples, chicken stew and baked salmon.
The newest safety pin talisman to keep the momentum of my work with The Safety Pin Cafe

A pencil and watercolor drawing of the Silver-haired Raven with elegant garb. Don't know yet where he'll appear other then in this sketch.

Summer is still officially present until the Autumn Equinox turns the seasonal page on September 22nd. Busy time here in the woods. Harvesting food, including the 12-inch 'round Graventein apple from our orchard. Juggling activities in the orchard is a theme captured in this simple visual post. A good recap of the weeks' comings and goings.

All the best to you, readers, family, friends!

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