Monday, December 16, 2013

Full moon in Gemini, December 16, 2014

The full moon (at midnight tonight in USA) is in Gemini (in the 6th house for me.) I regularly attend to what intentions I need to consider as the moon is new and potential, but pay less attention to the full moon. Something told me to check out the mood of the collective moon on this full moon to help me through the depth of feelings I'm experiencing.

"The full moon trines Juno as the Sun sextiles. It’s not easy but it is simple: telling yourself the truth. There’s no lasting satisfaction or genuine pleasure right now without candor or integrity. Commitments and fidelity figure prominently in a clean and healthy way. It’s a great time to commit or re-commit to the truth of your relationship, whatever that is."- Satori (link here for the full read)

Another angle on this full moon comes from a site called Aquarius Papers. It's an interesting perspective. Part of the article (a long one) includes this overview:

 "... An overview of this period ruled by this Full Moon shows it will illuminate how we need to move into a broader point of view about what we’re here to do, and reorient however we need to. Reorientation to provide for everyday and future need is a huge theme of this Full Moon. This will put the focus on individual, mental, and spiritual energy in receiving gifts and unique insights as things begin to fragment. We are still getting front end looks at what Saturn will solidify in November 2014... 

Pulling out my copy of Elizabeth Rose Campbell's Intuitive Astrology for insight I found these thoughts about the moon's placement in my 6th house.Campbell suggests "The sixth house supports community. ..The beauty of the sixth house ideal is that it can set a standard for what is possible and inspire teamwork and mutual respect. [the] key purpose of the sixth house is to link personal well-being with the health of the community." Campbell ends her thoughts about the 6th house, as she does with each of the perspectives on the houses with this question relating to moon in the 6th house: "How do I combine my capacity to care (moon) with the service I offer community? Through a corporation? A restaurant? Health care?"

Those are great questions for me on this full moon, balancing my need to care for myself and the community is not an easy trick for me. You?

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