Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nana I Ka Mahina Malama I Ka 'Aina Malama I Ke Kai Malama I Ka Po'e

Look to the Moon
Care for the Land
Care for the Sea
Care for the People

The HUNA Moon
was oh so momona (fat) last night
The sky was clear, the air cool.
Through the tall Evergreens
the moon with horns now hidden
becomes a familiar shape.
Pete and I waved at her.
Pete slept deeply (he's a Moon-child Cancer).
I was awake most the night (energized Scorpio).

EARTH DAY (that ought to be everyday!) CELEBRATIONS are happening everywhere in April. 
 There's one set for Saturday, this Saturday, April 16th in our Langley, WA community. 
Our friend Eileen has us at an information booth
focused on CLEAN LIVING.  This is a huge step
a go-with-the-flow down stream decision for us.
I've created an EARTH DAY BLOG in time for this event.

The month of April began with that rambunctious Aries New Moon
so there is definitely a whole lot of rock and roll'n going on. 
Coming up on Sunday is the FULL MOON IN LIBRA
agitated by a full-house of planets in ARIES.
Choose your actions, keep compassion close and realize fiery action ARIES
will cause things to happen.  Decide how to use that energy.

Our gardens are cultivated and the first sign of sunflowers are poking their heads out of the soil. 
Our lovely peas are starting to see their clingers
(I made that word up ... it's those pea arms that reach out and hold on as they climb). 
Now that the 'Ole Cycle is pau, and we feel the filling
flood of Mahina in this Anahulu
it's a good time to plant food that is ROUND, or will become round. 

The Kaulana Mahina recognizes 4 Full Moons,
culminating in the 'calendar' full moon

TONIGHT is MOHALU (the night before the 4 Full Moons) 
So sorry, I caught my error a day later ... Pete is always telling me "You're always jumping ahead."  Maybe, it comes from being born pre-mature.  Auwe!
Mohalu is a night to honor KANE, Giver of Life.
Make time tonight to give thanks, say prayers for those who are vulnerable and
 in need of extra aloha (that could include you, too)
With that in mind all 4 Full Moons are verdant, abundant, auspicious moons.

Click here to  go to the wonderful on-line resource
created for the web by the 'ohana on Maui. 
Mahalo, once again Maui 'Ohana!


  1. clingers...

    such a perfect word for those delightful pea tendril thingies! I love it :-)

  2. Libby! hee, hee. Sweet little clingers. It's still cold for those peas, but they are a hardy vine as well as being sweet. Anything in the garden in your world?

  3. there are so many wonderful things coming up in my garden and it's exciting!
    Mine is for decoration - not for food yet. I hope to try gardening in organic straw bales this year or next. would love to grow zuchinni and lettuce!
    I've got various bulb flowers coming up - scilla, grape hyacinths, crocus, a few trilliums, hepatica, speedwell and, of course, the dandelion plants are getting ready to make flowers in a few weeks. I like visiting them each day to see how they've grown and changed and it's always a delight when a new bud has opened into a flower!

  4. LIBBY ... BEAUTIFUL! Pete got the long row of peas into the ground yesterday, and we have chicken wire and logs surrounding them to keep the bunnies from taking more than their share;0

    We're loving being in this place on the island on the Earth. Grow on, grow on!


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