Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Uranus-Mars-Pluto: Rebellious Change in Old Age

The outer planets (Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter) travel the sky in orbit around Earth in slower lanes with longer lasting affect on each and every one of us (collective energy). The personal planets, the ones closer to Earth (Mercury, Venus, Mars) move more quickly, but have a markedly personal effect on us individually. Uranus squares Pluto in a transit to my 3rd House (Communication and Siblings/Neighbors) and 12th House (Deep emotions, secrets). Uranus is also in a long square transit with my Ascendent (The way one appears). It is possible I could make a rebellious change to the way I communicate, and appear to others. My astrologer gave two bits of advice, and two seemingly different stories, to describe how one could handle personally acting out (Mars) in rebellion (Uranus). In Elsa's Newsletter, "this is going to be my new picture. If you don't like it, the unsub link is at the bottom of this mail. USE IT. As for the astrology, Uranus is opposing Mars, exact today. Consider this to be my rebellious challenge.  You may be staging one yourself!" Elsa's photo? Frankenstein. I wrote back to my astrologer and said I could relate too closely, and sent her the photo of the elder Annie Oakley pictured above as the one I would like to use. Will I? In response to that question I read, and commented on Elsa's second bit of advice, in her post today. "I have conjunct Saturn-Mars, and Pluto in Leo. I suppose all that Capricorn, plus a Capricorn Moon has tamped down (most) of the outrageous activity in my life. Has it all been for my best good? I wonder sometimes whether that outrage must sometime surface anyway! I suggested, in response to Elsa’s Newsletter today, that my updated avatar would be Old Annie Oakley … gray, cool, smilin’ and tottin’ her rifle!"

I was drawn into a neighborhood circus that could easily turn me into a gun tott'n Old Annie Oakley. But as my husband said on his way out, "Now you see what I've been faced with ... for a long time. You could go on and on. And get more pissed about it. I just let it go, and talk to you about it." So I took the bait, get involved as Agent of Change, only to experience the neighborhood circus. I do have LOTS of Saturn and Capricorn, and if, and when, I do cross the line, the reputation and my karma demand a lot from me. It's really not worth the price for the power struggle. I was advised many years ago to keep no fire arms in my home, or in my hands. It's advise I heed, but, I something I DO feel Annie's rifle.

So what's an Old Annie Oakley Wannabe to do? Write stories, thresh about at the Gates and put that gun down!

Are you staging a personal rebellion today? Here's what I did.

Inspired to free myself up, I watched this DIY Short Hair Bob Cut, and LIGHTENED UP! I feel great.

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