Sunday, June 22, 2014

When less is more ... Pluto transits (my) 12th House

"Pluto strips away things you don’t need…boils it all down to what is essential." - Elsa Panizzon

The longest day and the most light has come to the northern hemisphere; the time of light is big. Traditional People have long known the Summer Solstice (yesterday) is a great time for ceremony. Ceremony marks an event. We walked down the hill and through the woods to join our neighbors for a Solstice last night, shared food, talked of dis and dat, and I met a new person. But, in the main, my energy has turned even more internal as Pluto transits my 12th House (death and endings) and is in close proximity (conjuncts) to my natal moon  My emotions are deep, and burdensome. When I do communicate (write or talk) it's about deep stuff, and the period of mourning for my brother adds to the heft of the journey.

A little goes a long way. I don't need a lot of extra but what I do need must be authentic, deeply relevant, and supportive. Give or get out of my way! A little piece of delicious pound cake, PLEASE!
The Plutonic energy lasts through 2015, there is little ease about it. My son and I have created, and sent through the mail, a eulogy and commemoration for my brother. It was a collaboration of depth compressed (Plutonic) onto a DVD with small cards stuck with safety pins. The sentiment recorded into digital bits and the symbolism of safety pins is an offering of all that is good.

Yesterday while out thinking I would shop for coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate (yum) I discovered the macaroon-makers took the day off. Oh no ... I know, what a disappointment. Fate had other things in mind. There's a wonderful garden center near the Saturday Farmer's Market, so I took myself there when I found my lust for chocolate and coconut would be unsatisfied. There I found a purple flowering bush that I have not seen since my brother and I were little kids growing up on O'ahu in Hawaii. The purple hibiscus grew in a time when we were younger. In the used to be times. Rather than a bag (or two)  of four confectionery I purchased a large Rose of Sharon to remember the 'used to be times.' My Pluto in the 12th House of Capricorn was deeply touched. My emotions were high. Others didn't see, nor understand the heavy import of that purchase, and there were clashes, small and large, over the Rose of Sharon. Residual damage remains. Pluto strikes deep and differently for everyone. I don't know how all this Pluto action will turn out, but I do have a pot of purple hibiscus and no chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.

What is less? What is more? Satori had something to answer this ... it's about being in the groove. She squeezed a lot of good out of the sky (astrology) and made me smile. She can do that, bless her!

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