Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Pule ‘Aina
adapted from Hawaiian Antiquities by David Malo

E ke akua, he pule ia e holoi ana i ka po’ino o ka ‘aina
a me ke pale a’e i pau ko ka ‘aina haumia
He pule ia e ho’opau ana i na hewa o ka ‘aina apau
Oh God.
This is a prayer to wash away all iniquity from the land,
to ward off and end the contamination of the land.
This is a prayer to end the mistakes done to all the land
I pau ke a’e, me ke kawau
I pau ke kulopia, a me ka peluluka
I pau a hulialana
A laila niho peku, ho ‘emu, huikala, malapakai,
Kamauli hou i ke akua.
So that the bitterness may be over.
The ground will be covered with greenery, leaves and vines,
and we may offer again our prayers of thanks to you for abundance.

Every day is Earth Day. We have twenty-four hours seven days a week; ekolu malama (three months by the Hawaiian Moon Calendar) to treat our home with love, aloha, malama (love, love, and care).

Here are just a few ideas, to juice-up that love of 'aina, moana nui a kea, ea. wai ... all that is  our Papa Hanau Moku (Earth, Ocean, Air, Fresh water). Click on the links to learn a little more.

Join LAMA's Kahea (call) to its Network ... "What's your 'ohana up to where you live, remember Papa our Earth Mother?"

Plant trees!

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