Saturday, April 18, 2015

KILO GANG ... moon watch practitioners

The new malama (month) of WELO begins with this new moon phase. We have begun to HO'OMOKU ... make island, and prepare to open the door to our new PLACE FOR HAWAIIAN PRACTICES. Classes begin in July, but, in the meantime we are organizing our KILO (Observers) of Lunar Activity.

If you live in the Salish Sea area and love the moon, we'd love to include you in our Kilo, gang, and pass the pin (mahalo to Barbara Mundell for making the beautiful tiny Hoaka pins).

KILO -Stargazer, reader of omens, seer, astrologer; kind of looking glass; to watch closely, spy, examine. -Hawaiian Dictionary, Pukui & Elbert

We're making island!
He puko 'a kani 'aina.
A coral reef that grows into an island.
A person beginning in a small way gains steadily until he/she becomes firmly established. 

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