Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hinaieele'ele ... the new malama (month) begins

Life continues on our Island Earth. We are grateful for the gardens we plant, and the gardens into which we find ground soften for our own growing space. Last night the winds came with strength blowing, blowing, blowing. The Tall Ones danced a dance they have not danced for at least two months. It has been a long dry spell, and the winds have gone other places, too.

Many floating ideas, knowledge, have swirled in our world ... when one has lived nearly seventy turns around the sun that are many choices/thoughts/ideas. Some of them root and grow quickly skyward, like the corn. Its priority is to reach up. Lead! Other ideas/choices/predispositions need longer gestation. Those are perhaps like the bean who has in its make-up the slow and deliberate under ground nature. Growing will be done undercover, until the time is right. While the corn is busy leading skyward it is the undercover agents like bean who do the business of setting up partnerships.
Even slower are some who are in no rush to go up or down, these are the ground-lovers like squash who will seek a path with their umbrella leaves, and blossom on hollow trailing stems.

Floating ideas, seeds yet to be planted, and recognizing how each idea is so like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. This new malama (month) begins today. The month of Hinaieele'ele has me looking at the quality of my tiny circular garden. Pictured above, the beans are busy reaching, reaching and vine themselves up the bamboo poles a substitute for the corn stalk. I have not planted corn kernels, so the 'ohe (bamboo) is a surrogate.

Small squash plants have been transplanted into the ground to keep bean company. I am learning to apply the teachings of The Three Sisters ... a Native to America style of planting. Companion planting is another term for it. Myth and contemporary application is what I thrive on. I literally eat it up! A storyteller crosses the border with that appetite for braiding old with new, making connection with the metaphor or floating potential, with the gift of Nature Applied.

Behind the scenes I begin another medicine story to keep me on path, and braid it with the agenda for our first classes at HO'OMOKU. We, Pete and I continue to count on the moon, and record our findings as we become indigenous to this place where we live.

What are you braiding as this new month begins?

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