Monday, July 6, 2015

The pitter patter of tiny (mouse) feet on an 'Ole Moon

"... Today at mid-morning on the start of the 'Ole moons, I consider the readjustments, and readaptation that must be done as we near the opening of our new gathering place. As I write, the small and constant tiny ramblings of mice who have found their way into the insulation in our Quonset ceiling reminds me we are not alone. We only share the woods and the mice they believe there is more freedom now that the Huntress is gone...." - from the PAGES tab of Makua o'o

Do you know Mouse Woman? 
I've updated the page that answered the question, "WHAT IS MAKUA O'O?." This is something I do from time to time as the journey to becoming an elder is for sure a destination with no maps. You may be interested in reading the newest musings poured from my head through the keys of this computer. They are here.

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