Friday, January 1, 2016

Mars in Scorpio January 4, 2016

Welcome 2016! Sunshine fills the woods this morning, this cold and icy January 1st by the Gregorian Calendar. Grateful to see the new morning and new year after a very cozy and restorative sleep I'm sipping on a cup of Wild Forest Black Tea contemplating the state of being, checking the stars (who have been very brilliant these last couple of nights) and practicing kilo ... timing, noticing, strategizing, planning. 

What bits and pieces tumble in my brain, calling my imagination to create a navigational plan?

Today is 'Ole Pau. The third of three moon phases that encourage not doing anything new (yet) it really is a good one to consider what has been done, and how best to enjoy what is. For starters on this 1/1/2016 morning I enjoyed a very restorative sleep. That is not a thing to be taken for granted. It doesn't take too much imagination to remember when we didn't have a place to sleep restoratively. Some nights are difficult (we had one when the neighbor's fire filled our vardo with congestive smoke). We do our best, and believe 'this too will pass.' 

Mars will be moving into Scorpio.
Lynn Koiner writes "... From JANUARY 4 through MARCH 5 2016; Retrograde/Direct from MAY 28 through AUGUST 2 2016, Mars will be transiting the sign of Scorpio. The transit of Mars has a general but indeed important influence over human behavior. It describes how people respond when they are angry and how we react to the anger in others. It describes how we handle our energies— for either anger or accomplishment...Unlike Mars in Virgo or Libra, I enjoy this period because I can overcome my innate procrastination and I can accomplish much! I look forward to this period when I time the commencement of important projects. I feel productive, determined and resourceful during this period..."
The Year of the Fire Monkey starts February 8, 2016. The post describing the Year of the Fire Monkey has me consciously lighting my fire. My very good, long-time friend wrote me a poem called 'Fire Dance.' I'm wearing red more often (I haven't for many years). Even Makua o'o is wearing a red background. My medicine woman friend and I are planning a Sacred Fire Ceremony for the Year of the Fire Monkey. Taken together Mars moving into Scorpio (in my 10th House) during the Year of the Fire Monkey has the potential to be a good luck year for me.

Timing is (sometimes) everything. In between writing these musings, I stop. "Can you write the check for the rent?" Pete asks. It's the First of the month. We have it to pay, and are grateful to have this woodsy circus grounds to call home. "Yes, I can write the check."

I will contact Evergreen College and ask whether the winners of the 2015 Native Artist's Grants have been chosen and notified. I hope I'm one of them. And, if not then I know my Mars and the Year of the Monkey energy can be directed in other ways in 2016.

Earlier in the week when Mahina the Moon was in her La'au Pau holoku Pete and I made hay, made good use of the healing and joyful energy of a late-December time. We headed north and had a day of mixed-media. Click here and see what we saw on the La'au moon. The photo above will give you a glimpse of the adventure we experienced.

Here's to us all ... a toast "May we all have a year filled with mixed-media adventures."

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  1. Donna Cunningham, astrologer and author of Skywriter has a very useful and practice post entitled "How to Set Realistic Goals for 2016." I've just read the post, and done some of the suggested steps for setting intentions Donna describes. I like the approach, and appreciate Donna's continuing helpfulness over time.

    There's an especially helpful link in the post leading readers to a downloadable file called "Shovel-Ready Projects ..." to give you/us clues to how to make use of the transits through our Natal Charts during the coming year. I see where Mars transiting my 10th and 11th Houses in Scorpio will benefit from the ideas in the "Shovel-Ready Projects" for those houses. Here's the link to Donna's post


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