Friday, January 15, 2016

On the trails

 Bundle me up in layers, and put my feet on the hills
 My eyes and innards crave the light so hidden in the deep forests,
 Seasonal sadness drains my esteem
 But if it is an accident that puts me behind the driver's seat, turns the ignition to my faithful carriage now recently repaired and refurbished for a new dozen years ...
 Then it is "Thank you" that is the best and simplest of prayers to offer the Gods and Goddesses, the Sun the Moon, the Wind, and the Rooted Ones
 Let me, and I do, sit on a bench and become part shadow at the top of the hill walk breathing and resting as my self feels the light inside my body
The trails are open, trod by paws and boots I add mine and find peace in the activity. Grateful. Playful. Out of the woods for a daily reminder that the trails are there for the exploration and into the light I go.

The tails pictured here are from Green Bank Farms in Freeland, Washington. 

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