Friday, March 18, 2016

Preparing for Spring: Ka Piko o Wakea

I gather information, and timing to create ceremony on Piko o Wakea, Spring Equinox, happening in Washington, where we live, on Saturday, March 19, 2016. That means Sunday will be the first complete day and night of Spring.

But, for me, it is valuable to become familiar, and acknowledge the shifting effects of the Universe on my life. It is one thing, or one culture to say 'Spring has come'; it is another to say 'as the sun's rays hit the piko (equator) of the Earth on which I live, I create 'ceremony' consciously and respond as Pualanai Kanaka'ole Kanalele implores.

"We, as Native Hawaiians, must continue to unveil the knowledge of our ancestors. Let us interpret for ourselves who our ancestors are, how they thought, and why they made certain decisions..." 

The video records a moment in the woods with Mahina in her 'Ole Pau Holoku (her final 'Ole gown, her 'never-ending' reminder)

READ MORE HERE about the process I go through to create a home-made ceremony to celebrate Ka Piko o Wakea, the Spring Equinox.

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