Friday, March 18, 2016

Story with many endings

"... Spirits, gods and goddesses and the family of Others was something Sophie Lei Maku'e was generous with sharing. But that had not always been the case. She considered the changes that made her world open as she watched the little girl cracking the soft brown shelled eggs now..."-" Measure me or not?" A Native Fern
I'm never sure about the length of the tale that wishes to be told when I start to write. Maybe, it has to do with translating old messages coming through new experiences, or as Aunty Pualani believes, "when translating, all definitions must be considered." The story began because my loss of memory was troubling. Was it, is it, necessary to age with less of your memory intact? Or, was there another way to translate the experience?

An Anna's Hummingbird, a Mo'o named Jacob and a small family with roots deep and far-reaching make a batch of oat-meal buttermilk pancakes and in the process little girls learn that old people cry, a man can be a mo'o and words have many meanings. The mythic mo'opuna, fantasy grandchildren, are the little people who groom me, this aging woman, to be generous with sharing even if that was not always the case.

The last segment (at least for now) is written. Read it here.


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