Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Moon (in Leo) Road Trip

We tapped into the sun-rich energy of a Leo New Moon, packed up our faithful Subaru "Scout" and headed for the dry country tides of Sisters, Oregon. After six beautiful years of rooting and building community in South Whidbey Island, we are spurred to find a new place to continue our Safety Pin Cafe Lifestyle. We have just unpacked from a four day road trip and are reassured that there is indeed more to being on this beautiful planet.

The photos here show where we have been: "Dry Country Tideland." We were welcomed to a beautiful place in the Sisters desert to visit a friend, and the Pack of four dogs who are the inspiration for the canine characters in Beatrix Blunt. At 3,000 feet elevation, the shift in environment is dramatic. Sparse vegetation, dry air, heat and canyon breezes teach me how to sense anew with reverence and respect for who and what is there. I introduce myself to the beings of this dry country and let them hear my voice. My lungs and sinuses clear, breath comes easier, differently, with the dry country tides. It is that ease in breathing I had come to experience.

Hover over the photos for a description.

Our route north, from Sisters took us through the beautiful big rolling hills and ancient spaces of this great 'aina, the land. When we were new to the vardo, our tiny home on wheels, we traveled this same route out of Bend, Oregon where we visited with our same friend and parked in a horse pasture for several weeks. We wished to be with that route again, and were blessed with a comfortable temperature, relatively empty roads, and awe inspiring kilo (observations) that have grown in perception and layered in knowledge. Thanks to many years of living with Mahina and her path of Kaulana (the Hawaiian Moon Calendar) our connection to natural moon cycles has fine-tuned our practice. We notice so much more. We are grateful. Mahalo Na Akua.

The new cycle of Mahina has begun. We are thankful for the experience of being able and willing to open up those safety pins long enough to re-pin them into a future of caring and service, and sharing The Safety Pin Cafe in its evolving nature. We have some new perspectives to fold into our reality. There's plenty to juggle and some of it's not solid. Satori wrote this about the astrology of this new day:

"Thursday morning the Moon hits Virgo, sextiling Juno in Scorpio then moving into conjunction with Mercury. Early on, find your emotional focus point and power up. Steady yourself but stay ready to shift to keep balance. It’s complicated by the Moon’s brief square to Mars in Sagittarius. Don’t bolt: settle. Settle your mood regardless of what needs doing... Read the rest
E Ola. Here's to life, and many thanks to our friends Leslie, Tony and the Pack for the hospitality!

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