Saturday, August 6, 2016

Thank you

"We cross borders without regard, ignorant or arrogant of the protocol native to the transitional spaces that take us from this place to that place. Traditions remembered and practiced would maintain and pass along the right things to do, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind. Have we all become wanderers with passports unstamped with the memory of teachings from the Ancestors and Nature? There are rituals to remember and common magic to induce respect and reverence for the beings and places that share this planet."
 - The 'Introduction' to the medicine story The Safety Pin Cafe

So, as Pete and I dig into the corners to dust and shuffle through the gathered this-and-that's of our lives, tossing the rubble and packing the precious, and make room for our next beautiful place and welcoming communities on Haumea we remember the rituals and the protocol ... we give thanks for what we have, what we have had, and those seen and invisibles who have made it possible. These pictures don't identify you all, but know we aloha all of you. Pardon us if we forgot and left anyone out.

Hover over the pictures for descriptions.

Mahalo nui loa kakou,
Mokihana and Pete

P.S. Just because it makes me smile to see this dimple face bruddah. Let's play with the Ukulele, in this post for giving mahalo nui. "Mastering Difficult Chords" I need this lesson!!

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