Thursday, March 19, 2009

Engage in good health practices … CARE

We have more than our share of things to do here in the Kitchenette, and inside VARDOFORTWO. Among the things that need to be done are the taxes ... which was not a high priority during the months on the road. So, we've some catching up to be done. If you're reading our posts on VARDO ... you know what Pete's been doing, and then it's my turn to switch on the sewing machine and stitch up some island gypsy style coverings.

The thing that I forget, until my body and my spirit, pull me down to the mat, again ... is I live with MCS and my body gets tired even without lots of the 'honey do list.' CARE for me means I will be praying a lot more in the next few days, asking for the support I need to remain sensible about what I can and can not DO ... and gently remain myself to BE who I am.

Fewer posts may appear here while this project of building our home aims at a target date. I'm paying attention to my adrenal glands who are worn and tired more easily. I wish you a day or night of gentle times. Prayers of support and encouragement are always appreciated :)

A hui hou, Mokihana


  1. hi Mokihana,

    I'm glad you are listening to the balance of 'do' and 'be'. I hope you will be gentle with yourself during your 'not doing' times - knowing that, in fact, those times are very valuable and important too!

    I have prayed for gentle times for you amidst the 'do' times, for healing and rejuvenating rests, peaceful moments and refreshed energy when the time is right.

  2. Aloha Liberty,

    Many thanks for the encouragement to be gentle. Your prayers ... they are truly the best medicine. I know you walk this path of balance and appreciate your company.


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