Thursday, March 12, 2009

Know that wisdom is found in many places … SOFTEN THE GROUND OF YOUR BEING

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Sometimes I just wake up crying. Looking around and looking inside, I'm not sure why except to say "I'm overwhelmed by life on occasion." We have a lot on our plates on some days, and when an exposure from an unexpected or unidentified source shows up ... it gets overwhelming. Sitting on the edge of the futon I just let the sadness well up and out my tear ducts.

Small things can be done and that included the simple ritual of a couple cups of morning tea with rice milk and a warm breakfast of barley bread and eggs.

Then I went looking for new friends and here are a few I found:

First, I went to ThisTinyHouse where Hillary was blogging about new policies for tiny homers. Ah, I felt our journey was not an isolated accident. There are people living this parallel dream.

Hillary has a great sidebar of friends and folks, I visited a couple ...

Michael loves cob and on his blog today is a beautiful round cook stove built for his diva of a cook sister-in-law. I have trouble with wood smoke for now, and yet Pete has visions of building a bread oven outside. He melted into the photo and wanted this! Wanted to build one.

Another of Hillary's friends is Alice. Alice and her family have been wandering the continent since selling their UK home in 2008. Alice writes and loves what they are discovering on their journey.

This quote lays at the bottom of her website: Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.
~ Anatole France

ALICE in Nova Scotia

And finally, I found a new blogger who loves two of my favorite things: art and tea. Her post for March 10, 2009 includes a picture of 'the winged messenger' ... a totally joyful and supportive image. If you're looking for a bit of the pat on the back and a message that gets to the heart of you ... "You're going to be okay" is just the ticket.

Thank you for the joy of new friends wherever I may find them. MAHALO, MAHALO, I feel it, "I'm going to be okay." I've been to the beach, breathed in deeply and walked with the beach stones under my feet.

What do you do when you're in need?


  1. the Hermitage by Rima Staines
    Journey in Britain

  2. Dear Anonymous, You have given me such a gift. Thank you, mahalo nui loa a pau . I did as you suggested, went to The Hermitage ...
    the Hermitage by Rima Staines is some where I will go when I need a comforting place, melodies I can drink in, journeys that nod in my directions. I am thankful for you coming to visit here.

  3. That hermitage site was indeed a gift. I also thank the anonymous commentor :)

    I don't do well when I'm in need. I often forget the very things that can help me. baths are a nice thing, as is herbal tea, but I find one of the best things is getting lost in a really good book. But none of those really ease the ache - just distract me from it. I use EFT to lessen the intensity of the feelings but only when I *remember* to! Sometimes coloring or doing some kind of safe-for-me art helps also. I will sometimes try drawing/coloring/painting with my non-dominant hand. Something about letting the little kid in me comfort herself with color can help at times.
    Being in nature always helps but is rarely an option for me. If neighbourhood air quality permits, gardening can really help too.

  4. and also I cherish her print: reading to trees.

  5. Anonymous, Welcome and glad to read you're back ... and see how appreciated your gift is.
    Trees ... I will have to go back to Rim Staines' blog and read that post about trees.

    Liberty, I know what you mean about forgetting what things actually aid when in need. Sometimes the energy to do is gone ~ then something greater does need to nudge me. Colored pencils from THE ROAD TO FREEDOM ... have you seen them, gone to their website?

  6. No! I haven't seen them. Do you have a link for the site? Are they a specific kind of pencil? I can handle markers now but still react to the wood in pencil crayons/coloured pencils/pencils. I can use them in tiny, short doses though which is better than in the past :)

  7. Liberty,
    Here is the link to The Peddler's Wagon, from the urban pioneers in California:

    These are pencils with wood so you can decide what might work; there are also beeswax colored markers on this same page.

    Have fun, and take care ...


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