Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keep a keen sense of observation … NOTICE

Our beautiful compost is home for the organic acorn and butternut squash seeds.
There they are in the warm dark dirt, getting a gentle pat as they get cozy and set healthy roots.
Grow strong and sweet, darlin's.
If we need to we will build a cold frame to keep the starts growing waiting for enough sunshine to set them into the garden spots.

Tonight the Mahealani (Full Moon) is in the sign of Virgo. Full Moon is an excellent time for fishing and planting. This morning I planted our first seeds for the new gardens that will grow just outside the VARDOFORTWO over in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. We've saved the organic squash seeds from the sweet, orange acorn and butternut squash. We noticed which ones were especially tasty and kept those seeds. Pete has been keeping track of the moon phases and timing them with our hitch-up the trailer schedule. He's been paying attention, too.

Life can get very complicated, and yet like our friend and fellow trailer builder Tom Riddle from Toronto reminded me yesterday ... in spite of the complication he feels blessed. If I'm paying attention I notice the blessings. There you go ~ Thanks for that Tom.

Cheers! Mokihana

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