Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pele's Kuleana ... Kauluwela na moku ... Maker of land through fire




  1. Wonderful comments; community and respect in place of power, force all about me.. many lessons.. Pele is kicking ass; I watched many tv shows on cheap houses in that area for mostly mainland folks com elite on the islands cheap.. you can be in paradise and you can piss off Pele..

  2. Yes, the comments give a wonderful 'sound bite' to what it is like to be living with a goddess who makes land through fire. The opening segment begins with Jim Kauahikaua (guy fielding the question about using 'high tech' info to get the details of the eruption) Chief Vulcanalogist at Mauna Kea. He was our neighbor in Hilo, a Kanaka.

    Pele is doing her job. Ownership of 'property' is an illusion. Hospitality in its authentic manifestation is tested stripping away motives ... Pele has a sister, one of her favorites, Hi'iaka. It's her job to come later and start anew. She is patient. Pele? Not so much especially if you diss her, as you say if you piss her off she has her ways and will hold you accountable. One of my favorite stories about Pele is the chant that tells of Pele's initiation to her kuleana (her life path). From her Uncle Lono (the atmosphere) the young girl-goddess learns what this Island Earth is all about, and she learns her role as fire-maker. It's a powerful story, and lesson. I take it seriously. The YouTube is here:


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