Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playing with the Po of Mahina

"Woman in the Moon" Bruce Lennon
"Two seasons make up the Hawaiian Year, Kau is the dry season, Ho'oilo is the wet season.  As I write from the Quonset hut in the woods here in the Pacific Northwest it feels like Ho'oilo has begun.  It is Fall, the Fall Equinox celebrated a few days/po ago, marking Ho'oilo's beginning and the start of Makahiki preparations.  In my crisscrossing life where my Hawaiian roots ground me and the contemporary requirements spin me like a windchime, I have consciously commited to studying time via my Hawaiian roots though cyber-explorations of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar.  Six months of workshops concluded as the Muku the moon ended the month.  I have pulled the cyber-explorations called the "Wa'a Workshops" out of the water for Makahiki. Those were serious voyages with a few wahine (women) ready to engage a crisscrossing of time.  Now, I wish to play a bit with the knowledge gained and have some fun with the Po of Mahina..."
Link to the rest of here to see how an old woman (a makua o'o) keeps playing.

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