Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rosh Hashanna and the Mango Stick

"... Last night the stars were loud, I was obviously excited about the prospect of my first (solo) harvesting outing. Pete and I made a fruit gathering stick, back in Hawaii we'd call it a Mango Stick for pulling down the mele mango high up in the tree. We used a long weathered bamboo pole that I used to stake up my generous fence filled with peas. Thanking the pole as we fashioned the wire clothes hanger into a hoop, the way to make such a humble yet efficient tool came from a place long forgotten: when was the last time I'd made a Mango Stick? When we were kids in the valley you knew when in the neighborhood would have a Mango Stick if you weren't the family that did. Aunty Lily, Mrs. Pung. They would have that tool or could help you make one. As I talked Pete through the process a part of me ageless or timeless saw the substitute for a flour sack to catch the fruit. The too-small-for-me tee shirt that is too nice to pass along was perfect. The neck of the tee shirt just the right side to circle the hoop made from the wire hanger. The plastic ties we use for all manner of fastenings found yet another useful engagement: they secure the tee shirt to the hoop and close off the sleeves to create a colorful and functional Fruit Stick..."

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