Saturday, September 15, 2012

Go play: An intention for New Moon in Virgo, Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Moon, Hilo in the Hawaiian Moon Calendar, is a time when Hina (the moon) rises while the Sun is visible. To the eye, Hina is invisible but it is that soli-lunar synergy that makes Hilo a powerful time to clear the boards and begin anew. A great time to set an intention. I've been feeling so much ... the sorrow and the pain overwhelming; the responsibilities; so many adult decisions, on and on. Something my husband said as we were just waking up made me think again, think and choose again. Choose different. I've been catching myself when I start spinning old tapes or not-enoughness and wrote about a subtle yet powerful shift and movement here.

Elizabeth Spring's suggestion for tapping into the energy of a 5th House North Node has been keeping me company when the old tapes habitually kick-in. Spring writes:

"Your fifth house North Node here wants to have more fun, and to see life as a game worth playing. It can bring out your entrepreneurial and artistic side as well. This Nodal axis wants to get personal—to risk the love affair, to have a child, to express itself creatively. It doesn’t need to get philosophical and talk about saving humanity---how about just one child at a time? And maybe that child could just be your inner child that’s been neglected for awhile..."

I have a partner who is no less a Pan or Puck of European folk tales, more like Robin Hood in ways that make me wonder about our fated connection as Nest Builders. He is off for the morning with his tools, doing things most people like to talk about as good deeds to be done. While he goes off to do things with people, I am here enjoying the oatmeal and raisins he cooked up for us. Pete has a lively Jupiter in the 5th House of creativity and spontaneity, so I am gifted with that example every day. Aware that my journey forward in health includes lightening up and playing more I searched for something to encourage that intention. I found this from Wikihow. The article describes how to embrace your inner child and starts with this:

Remember what it was like to be kid, running around without a care in the world? Well, stop remembering and start embracing your inner child! Here are some ideas for reconnecting with the trusting, fun-loving and perceptive part of you that may just have disappeared under piles of hard work and life's trials.
8 Steps follow for the how-to embrace your inner child, and this one is particularly fun:

#6  Never say the phrase "I'm too old". Try "I'm in my middle youth" instead. Tonight's (in the US) Hilo moon is a great time to stop (just) remembering and start embracing my inner child. Some fun is available if I go do it. That Puckish influence is worthy of rescued action. Go, go. Go play, middle youth!

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